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Protect your business from accidental loss or damage

Get comprehensive commercial property protection today. We've got you covered!

Is your business shielded from unexpected mishaps and damage?

Property insurance serves as a shield for business owners from unforeseen mishaps that could result in harm or impairment to the structures, installations, equipment, furnishings, inventory, and even the subsequent decline in earnings. It's like a safety net for the business owner’s possessions and business prosperity.

Here are some key aspects of commercial property insurance coverage:

  • Property Damage
  • Contents & Equipment
  • Business Interruption
  • Liability, Extensions & Add-ons
  • Limits, Deductibles & Exclusions
Property Insurance


Highly Experienced Team

We ensure your business is covered with the right products and solutions in the GCC region.

Strategic Partnerships with Leading Insurers
Strategic Partnerships with Leading Insurers

We work with global leading insurers and regional partners.


Specialists in Cost Optimisation
Specialists in Cost Optimisation

Our experienced insurance team specialises in optimizing costs for maximum savings and effective risk management.

Tailored Business Solutions for You
Tailored Business Solutions for You

Our expert insurance specialists analyse needs, budget, & secure competitive business plans from top insurers.

Complimentary Wellness for Corporate Clients

We focus on client value by offering our qualified insurance clients corporate wellness via our in-house partner, Safe Hands. Additional services include first-aid training, workshops, and emergency plans. Join us at Beneple to become part of our community within the Beneple and Blue Sky Thinking Group.

*Applies to eligible tiers.

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