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Protect your business & board members from external threats

Get comprehensive legal liability protection today. We've got you covered!

Are your business and board members safe from external threats?

Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O) safeguards against third-party actions, including regulators and clients. It covers legal fees, damages, and settlements, provided no fraud is proven.

Why is it vital?

  • Director vulnerability: Stricter post-crisis regulations increase their exposure.
  • Increasing claims: MENA directors face record claim levels.
  • Personal risk: Defending allegations impacts careers and finances.
  • Wide reach: Directors face actions regardless of company size.
  • Global business: International expansion exposes directors to diverse regulations.

Elevate your business security with Beneple today!

Directors & Officers


Highly Experienced Team

We ensure your business is covered with the right products and solutions in the GCC region.

Strategic Partnerships with Leading Insurers
Strategic Partnerships with Leading Insurers

We work with global leading insurers and regional partners.


Specialists in Cost Optimisation
Specialists in Cost Optimisation

Our experienced insurance team specialises in optimizing costs for maximum savings and effective risk management.

Tailored Business Solutions for You
Tailored Business Solutions for You

Our expert insurance specialists analyse needs, budget, & secure competitive business plans from top insurers.

Complimentary Wellness for Corporate Clients

We focus on client value by offering our qualified insurance clients corporate wellness via our in-house partner, Safe Hands. Additional services include first-aid training, workshops, and emergency plans. Join us at Beneple to become part of our community within the Beneple and Blue Sky Thinking Group.

*Applies to eligible tiers.

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